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Priority Projects for Funding

There are many areas that require funding. Below are some of the major projects for donor/sponsor consideration:

Student Welfare and Learning Facilities


Since 2009 government has funded the refurbishment of educational institutions but nevertheless there is need for more funding in order to restore other infrastructure that is still in dire need of maintenance and at the same time have an ongoing maintenance program. We have therefore indentified the following as priority areas in our maintenance and rehabilitation program:


Budget: There is no set minimum budget for above areas hence each project will be assessed on its merit and may also have many sponsors.

Construction of Female Student Hostel
Our objective is to increase the current female student hostel carrying capacity from 826 to 1626. The 800 bed hostel block intervention should go a long way in alleviating challenges of accommodating the girl-child. Budget: TBA. Project drawings are available.

Construction of a Graduate School of Management
The Graduate School of Management is currently without a physical home. Lecture delivery is being accommodated on the main University campus. Our strategic goal is to re-position the Graduate School to world class standard thus benchmarking with International Business Schools and Associations. We are therefore proposing the construction of a state-of-the-art building with facilities such as lecture/seminar rooms, library, computer laboratories, and administration offices. Budget: US$8 million. Building plans available.

Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation Centre (Geography and Environmental Sciences)
In order to fully utilise the satellite receiving station recently installed at the UZ in collaboration with the African Union and The European Space Agency (ESA), we have developed state of the art Geo-technology laboratories that enable the processing of large volumes of Earth Observation data, as well as improved capacity to train our students and clients. While the UZ has made efforts to improve GIS and Earth Observation capacity, there are still some constraints that if addressed would enhance capacity to deliver improved services to our clients. Specifically, our Geo-technology laboratory is in need of 60 computers and other accessories to be fully functional. Budget USD42 000.00

Provision of Furniture to Library Reading Rooms (Main Library)
The current library holding capacity is not adequate to accommodate the ever increasing patronage. The introduction of PCs and high usage of mobile devices (iPads and laptops) requires more working space. The current library design does not provide enough working space hence we are proposing the replacement of the existing furniture. Budget USD 284 260

Video Conferencing link of main teaching hospitals (College of Health Sciences)
Teaching and research at the CHS involves three main hospitals, namely Parirenyatwa, Harare, and Chitungwiza. Each of these hospitals has its unique peculiarities which are important in achieving teaching goals. Currently there is a costly and significant movement of lecturers and students between the three sites. We thus intend to link the three hospitals through a multi-casting video conferencing facility in order to optimize on time and reduce costs thereof.   Budget: US$110 000.

University of Zimbabwe Oral Health Care Centre (College of Health Sciences)
The CHS intends to establish an Oral Health Care Centre (OHCC). The OHCC Centre would provide for undergraduate training, general dentistry, and specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. This facility would further lead to improvement of dental service delivery in the country. The proposed location for the centre will be Parirenyatwa or Harare hospital - Building two houses and two clinics and Dental equipment: Budget US$1,000,000 and US$47,000 respectively.

Refurbishment of Medical Laboratory Sciences teaching laboratory (College of Health Sciences)
The department of Medical Laboratory Sciences is involved in training medical laboratory scientists for the whole country. The practical aspect of the training is currently compromised, because the equipment we have in the teaching laboratory is obsolete and needs to be replaced. Itemized equipment Budget: US$1 057 700.00

Construction of a Leisure and Hospitality School (Faculty of Commerce)
The University intends to establish a tourism, leisure, and hospitality school covering all key education and training programmes for the sector. This would be the answer to our present industry challenges. A state of the art institution with an all en-compassing education and training facility that provides both theoretical and practical elements of key industry sectors would be ideal. The following areas are considered key; Hotel Administration, Tourism Planning & Management, Wildlife & Parks Management, and Civil Aviation Management. Still at conceptual level. Budget:

UZ Chapel
The current chapel has a limited seating capacity of 120 people and it is proposed that it be expanded in order to accommodate 1200 patrons due to an ever increasing demand by stakeholders (students, staff, visitors and friends of the university).  (Plans are available). Budget: USD$1.6million.  

Research Fund
Traditionally institutions of higher learning are the engines of economic development (World Bank, 2007) hence as a learning entity we are duty bound to provide necessary support to our community and play a critical role toward the attainment of national agenda goals. It is our view that the current world order requires that we prioritize research for development as a country if we are to prosper in a fast changing and competitive global knowledge economy. We are therefore proposing the setting up of a research fund which will act as a feeder into national agenda socio-economic discourse thus providing much needed guidance in policy development and business management. In addition, efforts should be made to lobby government to provide a significant research budget to institutions of higher learning which will go a long way in stimulating innovation and new application development.

Endowment Fund
The University in 2011 established an Endowment Fund thereby laying the foundation for a long term self sustaining funding mechanism. The Fund is currently held at CBZ. Fund proceeds will be channelled towards priority projects as recommended by the Fund Management Advisory Committee.

Direct Donations:

Direct cash or in kind donations (Scholarships and specific projects)

Percentage of Alumni Revenue:
A percentage of funds realized from Alumni Revenue Generating Activities (ARGA).

Percentage of Royalties (Technology Transfer)
Percentage derived from funds generated from commercialization activities  

Investment Interest
Interest from fund investments, thus high earning vehicles must be identified.

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